Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrating today! Hoping for tomorrow!

Eleven years ago today, is the day that this little guy we call E made his entrance into the world.   I cannot believe he is 11.  No way has it been that long, yet watching him makes me proud to see how much he has grown up.

Now the word on the street is tomorrow, E's newest little sister will be introduced to us.  We are hoping for the call with our referral of our daughter.  It will be a few weeks before we are introduced to her, but we should see her little face tomorrow!

Today is Eli's day.  He is ready for the big wiffle ball tournament, rain or shine.  He had his favorite for breakfast, pancakes.  He has confirmed no less than three times, that I will be picking up his cake today and that the menu for tonight is pizza.   His day is planned!

May is a pretty lucky month for the Bensons.  May brought us the gift named E.  And it will hopefully continue with a picture of the newest little one tomorrow.  Today is a rainy, cold, windy day.  But it is a great day - boys are playing wiffle ball, in spite of the weather, and it looks like pizza, cake and ice cream tonight for E's big 11th birthday!

Happy Birthday Eli!  We love you tons!!!


  1. Happy Birthday and congrats on your upcoming love this time of month.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I can't wait to see our little ones!!! Talk to you tomorrow!