Thursday, June 16, 2011

The girl with curls!

We ordered a care package from a lady named Ann in China that will have it delivered to Marlo.  We sent Marlo a blanket, and also included a disposable camera that we will hopefully get pictures back of her orphanage, caretakers and everday life, a flash drive to place any documents, photos or any other digital information from the orphanage, cookies for her caretakers and also warm winter pants for the children still there.   I ordered this Tuesday afternoon our time.  By Tuesday night (our time, Wednesday morning in China) we heard back from Ann.  She was hoping to get shoes to the children instead of pants and also asked if I would like to write a letter to the orphanage staff that she would translate for me and include in the package. Wednesday morning I sent off the letter and by 10:30 (our time) last night, I received an email from Ann stating that she had updated photos of Marlo and she would get them to me as soon as she could go through her emails that had piled up.

This morning we received the cutest pictures of Marlo!  (Well, I think they are cute and pretty sure her dad does too - but we may be a little biased.)  And believe it or not, it looks like our little Marlo may have some curls in her hair!

I can't explain how much I loved getting these updated pictures and how excited I am to put some bows in that hair!  We didn't have any of these options when we were in the adoption process with Ilei.  Not sure if that is a good thing.  The more information and photos I get, the more I want!  The pictures were taken June 16, 2011 all around 8:45 a.m.  I love looking at this little face - it warms my heart and makes it ache all at the same time.  I cannot wait to bring her home!  

(This is Ilei's favorite because there is a cucumber by her foot!)

Hopefully, we will get our Travel Approval soon and can leave about 2 weeks after receiving that.  Mid-July cannot come fast enough!  

Now, only if there was a way to have them take some video of her . . . asking a little much??   

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  1. Love her hair! What a peanut. She is so so cute. Congrats!!!