Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All about a girl named Fu Ni

It is so amazing to me that I am half way way around the world holding this baby that was born sometime in December and we call her our daughter. She was found around a month old and spent the next 6 months of her life at the Jianxin Social Welfare Institute. They gave her the name Fu Ni and called her NiNi. It means beautiful, graceful girl.

On Monday morning, our flight into Nanchang, which is where we meet the babies, was early. We met our guide and learned on our way to the hotel that the babies would be there within a short amount of time. We had very little time to get in our room. I had packed my carry on with what I would need to get the baby. I was in my room when the rest of my luggage was being delivered and the phone rang to tell me to come to the lobby as the babies had arrived.

I grabbed what I needed and jumped on the elevator. As I came through to the lobby, there was NiNi. Wrapped in the arms of a a man who I believe is one of the orphanage directors. She was so tiny in his arms. Content and looking around. As they placed her in my arms, my heart melted. Actually my heart melted as I first saw her when I was walking off the elevator. We stared at each other, tears in my eyes. She studied and touched my face, and played with my name card.

She is now known as Marlo Fu Ni. She has adjusted pretty well. She had a lot of tears yesterday morning, but decided in the afternoon that it was much more fun to play, than to cry. She now responds to Marlo. She smiles the sweetest little smile and if she wants you to do something, she lets you know with a cry that lasts until she gets what she wants. Her features are petite. She loves to snuggle and likes to walk around. She will roll over as many times as space will allow. And she loves to talk. She will go on and on and ends with a grin that says she is so very proud of what she just said. She continues to come out of her shell and I am enjoying her letting me in to her heart.

Each evening and morning, I send video home to John so they can see her in action. We skype when both our schedules allow and I know it's so they can see Marlo, but I LOVE seeing them. Seeing their faces makes being this far away a little easier. A week from now, I will be somewhere over Russia on my way home and I cannot wait. I can't wait for my family to meet Marlo and I cannot wait until I can hug everyone. This first week has gone by fast and I know the second will also.

This is the only picture I have today!



  1. Sitting at your pool with the girls reading your latest post and thinkIng it won't be long till Marlo will be kicking around in here cooling off on a hot summer day. Loved hearing the details of your first moments together - so precious!!! Maxx has the Marlo video on his phone and told me it's the best video ever!! I thought that was sweet! Waiting patiently for your return. Lots of love!

  2. Hi Wendy, I enjoyed reading your blog this morning now that I could finaly get on it. You're an excellent writer!

    To all Wendy's followers: It has been a pleasure traveling with this wonderful lady who we all have depended on for advice on babies and computers. Marlo is in the best of hands.

  3. Wendy- I am so filled with emotion that I am speechless. What an amazing, wonderful time in your life!