Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As close to her beginning as we can get

Last night we received Marlo's finding ad.  Giving us a link to her very beginnings.  Probably the first picture ever taken of her.  We see how her hair has grown in, how her eyes seem to be focused on something.  We see the changes from this picture to her referral picture.  And now we wait for our updated pictures we have requested to see how she has yet changed in the recent months.  Looking at the baby in the photo makes me wish time would go faster, but only up until the time I hold her in my arms, when I will then wish for time to stop.  

I cannot wait to hold her, feed her, bathe her, snuggle and bring her to her new home.  It is not her first home, but it will be her forever home.  This loud, crazy, busy, loving home.  We are ready.  Not maybe ready with all things being set up and put in place, but ready in our hearts.  The rest of that will fall into place.

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