Friday, June 24, 2011

Over the next hurdle, leaving in 3 weeks!

On Wednesday, we received official word that our Travel Approval, which is what China issues to let us know we can come get Marlo, had arrived! All we needed was an appointment with the American Consulate and travel arrangements could be made. It is set and I leave Thursday, July 14th to meet Marlo! My first few days will be spent in Beijing then I will travel to Nanchang to meet Marlo on Monday, July 18th. I cannot wait to see her precious face and hold her in my arms.

Flight arrangements and seat assignments are done. Visa is done. Paperwork to bring to China is all at home, but not organized. Our "formal living room" which is used somewhat infrequently for practicing piano and almost daily for basketball and knee hockey, has been transformed into a drop zone for anything China packing related. The piano is hard to get to and the basketball hoop (which is continually being brought back upstairs after I bring it downstairs) is behind a couple boxes of pampers, some wipes, bottles, lotion, spoons, baby toys and Ilei's clothes from the past six years. Uggh. I am calling in for big help next week for sorting, organizing and packing-my mom! (It doesn't really matter how old you get, it always seems like a quick phone call to mom makes every enormous task seem that much easier.) Hopefully soon, the kids can play knee hockey or basketball and even get to the piano again. And I will be able to see a glimmer of hope for being ready to go.

Baby steps in getting ready, along with baseball tournaments, soccer games and figure skating should make the next three weeks fly by. And hopefully I will get everything done. Including putting the crib up ...


  1. Wendy, I'm so excited for your family. I love reading the updates. You're right up there w/ Kelle Hampton now!

  2. Thank you Jane! With each day that goes by, I get more and more excited! And just so you know, I put more time and attention into kelle hampton's blog.

  3. Hi Wendy! I just took the time to read all your posts, and while I was reading through tears, they are such happy tears. I cannot believe this is finally becoming a reality. You have been such a model of patience and grace through this whole process. The Lord designed this and now He has matched you and your family with the child meant to be a part of your home. It's totally worth the wait! What a lucky family you are to receive such an amazing blessing from the other side of the world! What an amazing blessing for Marlo, too, to be a part of your "loud, crazy, busy, loving home!"