Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer So Far

It is now July and the weather has finally cooperated and it feels like summer. On Thursday, we made a trip to the Cities for Eli's soccer game and found the "warm weather" we've been waiting for. The boys playing soccer may have wished for the temperatures we had been having, but I was able to finally wear shorts to a game. Every baseball and soccer game so far this season, has had us in long pants, fleece jackets and sometimes blankets and umbrellas!! And have even a couple times, had gloves on!! Now, however, I think summer weather has arrived. Soccer with temps in the 90's wiped Eli out. This was how he and a friend rode all the way home (after a quick stop for ice cream).

Time is moving at a record pace. This is how we've spent our summer so far.

And now we've finally been in the pool without having to heat it to hot tub temps!

And my HUGE project of going through 7 years of Ilei's clothes went from this:

To this:

Thanks to my mom, we busted through all this one afternoon and it was such a relief to have these bags re-organized, labeled and put away. (I seriously am not a hoarder! These clothes were all packed in bags, just mixed sizes. The bags were emptied and we had sorted piles of clothes from 6 months to 6!)

Marlo's stuff for China is all ready to go into a suitcase. I have but a few items to get for the trip and and the next issue is figuring out just how I want to pack it. I can take 2 suitcases up to 50 pounds to and from China, However, in China I can only have 44 pounds checked. I know I will be paying for "extra weight" in China, and the charge is fairly reasonable. I'm fine with that. And I would love to take just one large suitcase, but if I go over the 50 pounds (even though it is only one suitcase) to and from China, it's $200-each way. So now I'm bouncing around the idea of two smaller suitcases and one carry-on, but we will see. I would just love to not have to pull more than I have to.

I leave in just 12 days. I am so ready to bring Marlo home! I think we all are!! It won't be too long and we will all be home together. But for now, we will head to my parents lake tomorrow. We plan on eating too much, doing some jet skiing and even a bit of fishing. Well, a couple of them may fish-just not me! I'll be the one eating too much, doing a little jet skiing (when the boys let me take a turn), and definitely enjoying the summer weather that is now here.


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